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Do you want your company to be listed and featured as a partner on our mobile application to reach thousands of French people in London?

It's free!

In an effort to help businesses recover from the Covid 19 crisis, we have decided that it will be free for most businesses to be listed on our mobile app. However, we ask all our partners to offer a deal/benefit to our users.

To be filled in directly by you or during a telephone conversation.
At your convenience...

In blue an example with our partner Maître Choux to help you write/fill in/synthesise.

Name of the company

Maître Choux

Date of creation


Your core business, what you are known and recognised for?  

Maître Choux is the first and only pastry shop in the world specialising in choux pastries and our collection of éclairs never ceases to delight the taste buds. We accept a modern version of French pastry, redesigned to satisfy the most demanding gourmets. 

(maximum 300 characters)

A specificity, a recipe, a service, a know-how... and/or something that distinguishes you from your competitors? Or a famous place/monument nearby...

Every day, our 3 Michelin-starred chef prepares our emblematic eclairs, choux and chouquettes with the utmost precision. Each of our creations is unique. We regularly renew our showcase with the seasons to take advantage of the best that nature has to offer, always using the freshest products. Whether in-house or takeaway, Maître Choux has quickly become the place to go for the best pastries, in a flash and in three London shops, in South Kensington, Soho and Chelsea.

(maximum 700 characters)

Où to find you?

Precise address

Phone number

(If more than one location, please repeat the details)

Maître Choux South Kensington / London, United Kingdon · 020 3583 4561

Maître Choux Soho / London, United Kingdom · 020 7734 3132

Maître Choux King's Road / United Kingdom · 020 3915 3777

Your website

Opening hours

Du Monday to Sunday 10am - 8pm

What offer do you provide to users of the App? It can be a % discount, a "2 for 1" offer, a gift with a purchase, etc. There are many possible offers.

Examples: 10% - 20% - 30% discount on all purchases / the fourth croissant free / a free coffee with the purchase of a menu, etc.

Is it valid every day? All day?

Offer valid 7 days a week and all day

For one or more people* ? 

For one person

*NB : for restaurants, the offer may be limited to a maximum number of guests (e.g. table of 6

Presentation photo in colour, in .jpg format, in good definition and preferably horizontal

Upload File

Partnership agreement to be filled in and signed. The partnership agreement will appear on a separate page. You can return to this form at any time.

Before continuing, you must sign the Partnership Agreement
2 weeks in advance to change/delete an offer

If this form does not meet your expectations or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you ASAP.

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